our story

our story

Like many strong, resilient communities, the Sauk County Conservation Network was born out of frustration and despair, then became a determined and energized effort to build our own future.
After enduring a decade of especially disheartening events and politics related to conservation in Wisconsin, conservation-minded people in and around Sauk County gathered at Devil’s Lake in October of 2016 to commiserate, celebrate our successes, and adopt a new mantra coined by Mike Mossman, “Carry on!”.
With a deep love of Sauk County in their hearts, a cadre of determined conservation professionals and activists created the Sauk County Conservation Network in 2016.
Small red maple in a rock above Devils Lake


Sauk County’s conservation community will be most effective when its members:
• Connect and collaborate with others who are doing similar work
• Have shared, recognized basic values and priorities
• Connect effectively with the greater community
• Engage a wide range of audiences and interests, including organizations, government agencies, schools, farmers, businesses, and individuals
• Are well-resourced with sufficient and effective leadership, staff, funding, volunteers, and communications
Our collective impact should not only result in exceptional natural resources, it should create a greater community that values those natural resources and recognizes the influence and relevance of the county’s conservation community
East Bluff at Devils Lake State Park Wisconsin


The Network aims to:
• Give visibility to the activities and issues that different Sauk County conservation organizations are engaged in
• Facilitate communication between the organizations and the greater community
• Promote effective collaborative conservation at all levels
• Serve as a hub for community-building activities, communications, and resources
A rock cliff with trees at Devils Lake State Park Wisconsin