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Current Featured Photographer

Here are beautiful photos taken by the talented Steve Meyer showing the wonderful Wisconsin County of Sauk County! Click on each photo to get a closer look or mouse over to learn more.
Steve S. Meyer has been photographing the natural world for over 30 years. His main focus has been on the Baraboo Hills, Wisconsin River Valley region in south central Wisconsin. Through a continual learning process he attempts to capture the nuances and subtle changes of light and landscape, changes created in a moment by a cloud passing the sun, overnight by the freezing of a lake surface, or eons in the creation of quartzite rock formations. Returning to a favorite place always presents a new vision to contemplate.
All images are available for purchase as signed high resolution inkjet prints using fine art paper and archival inks. The prints are also available matted and framed using conservation materials to ensure longevity for a lifetime. Click Here to visit his website to purchase your favorite photos.
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